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Why Buy Heatshield?

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Why Buy Heatshield?

Sure, we know.  You could buy the less expensive windshield reflector, dashboard cover from your local auto parts or department store.  But, you shouldn't.  Why?  Several reasons, actually.  

1.  Heatshield is THE original product that you put above the dashboard of your car to block the sun and keep your car cool.  It was designed to keep your car COOL. As much as 40 degrees F cooler in fact but an average of 25 degrees in most cars and trucks.  

2.  Heatshield is custom cut.  This is important because this is how it keeps the heat out and protects sun damage.  It fits correctly per vehicle so that the sun does not sneak in around the edges, damaging your dash, causing that drying and cracking.  

3.  The front windshield Heatshield is made to install without fasteners.  That means it is supported by visors alone.  Unroll, place on the dash, lower the visors and off you go.  

4.  HeatShield is strong and durable.  It is stiff enough to be supported by the sunvisors alone, but it is flexible enough to be bent around the rearview mirror. Unroll across dash, lift HeatShield and drop sunvisors. For storage, roll up and secure with special Velcro strap.